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Daily crime report reports for Detroit, MI. There were a total of 65 reports to the Detroit Police Department.


Crime Address Date and Time
Assault Rosa Parks Blvd at Virginia Park St 6/23/22 11:00 PM
Aggravated Assault Fairfield St at Puritan St 6/23/22 7:34 PM
Aggravated Assault Monica St at Fullerton St 6/23/22 6:23 PM
Assault Chippewa St at Wyoming St 6/23/22 6:00 PM
Aggravated Assault Midland St at Appoline St 6/23/22 5:00 PM
Aggravated Assault Justine St at Charles St 6/23/22 4:54 PM
Assault W Warren Ave at Trumbull St 6/23/22 4:29 PM
Assault Evanston St at Park Dr 6/23/22 4:00 PM
Aggravated Assault W Davison St at Lawton St 6/23/22 3:34 PM
Aggravated Assault Fiske Dr at E Jefferson Ave 6/23/22 2:43 PM
Assault Stoepel St at Puritan St 6/23/22 1:47 PM
Aggravated Assault 3 Mile Dr at Cornwall St 6/23/22 1:30 PM
Assault E Davison St at Fleming St 6/23/22 11:25 AM
Aggravated Assault Waveney St at Berkshire St 6/23/22 8:26 AM
Aggravated Assault Stafford Pl at E Lafayette St 6/23/22 7:15 AM
Assault W Nevada St at Charleston St 6/23/22 6:30 AM
Aggravated Assault Van Dyke St at Duncan Ave 6/23/22 6:19 AM
Assault E Lafayette St at Beaubien St 6/23/22 6:00 AM
Aggravated Assault Collingham Dr at Anvil St 6/23/22 5:41 AM
Assault Archdale St at Saint Martins Ave 6/23/22 5:00 AM
Assault Midland St at Coyle St 6/23/22 4:45 AM
Robbery Greenfield Rd at W 7 Mile Rd 6/23/22 4:38 AM
Assault W Chicago St at Ward St 6/23/22 4:36 AM
Assault Fielding St at W 7 Mile Rd 6/23/22 4:11 AM
Assault Greydale Ave at Curtis St 6/23/22 4:05 AM
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Crime Address Date and Time
Vandalism Pomona St at Neff Ave 6/23/22 9:42 PM
Vandalism Chandler Park Dr at Bluehill St 6/23/22 9:24 PM
Larceny E Warren Ave at S I 75 Service Drive 6/23/22 8:17 PM
Burglary/B&E Sparling St at Desner St 6/23/22 7:09 PM
Larceny Saint John St at Central St 6/23/22 6:00 PM
Burglary/B&E Manderson Rd at Covington Dr 6/23/22 5:28 PM
Vandalism Lyndon St at Southfield Service Drive 6/23/22 5:26 PM
Vandalism W 7 Mile Rd at Prest St 6/23/22 4:30 PM
Larceny Baldwin St at E Jefferson Ave 6/23/22 3:00 PM
Vandalism Lonyo St at Arnold St 6/23/22 3:00 PM
Fraud E 7 Mile Rd at Maine St 6/23/22 2:18 PM
Fraud E Chesterfield at Fern 6/23/22 1:13 PM
Vandalism Linwood St at Ford St 6/23/22 10:30 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft Chalmers St at Rosemary Ave 6/23/22 10:25 AM
Larceny Mack Ave at Beaubien St 6/23/22 9:30 AM
Vandalism Fischer St at Marcus Ave 6/23/22 9:14 AM
Fraud Schoolcraft St at Archdale St 6/23/22 8:00 AM
Burglary/B&E W Warren Ave at Archdale St 6/23/22 7:54 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft Heyden St at Pickford St 6/23/22 5:00 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft 5th St at Temple St 6/23/22 4:30 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft Elmira St at Coyle St 6/23/22 4:30 AM
Larceny Cambridge Ave at Monte Vista St 6/23/22 4:22 AM
Larceny E 7 Mile Rd at Carrie St 6/23/22 4:03 AM
Burglary/B&E Evergreen at W I 96 Ramp & Evergreen Rd 6/23/22 4:00 AM
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Motor Vehicle

Crime Address Date and Time
Hit & Run E 7 Mile Rd at Conant St 6/23/22 9:14 AM
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Crime Address Date and Time
Weapon Violation W McNichols Rd at Ashton Ave 6/23/22 10:17 PM
Weapon Violation Meyers Rd at Florence St 6/23/22 9:22 PM
Other Offense Lappin St at Rowe St 6/23/22 9:00 PM
Drug Violation Pembroke Ave at Oakfield St 6/23/22 7:26 PM
Other Offense Birch St at Greenfield Rd 6/23/22 3:54 PM
Drug Violation Horatio St at 30th St 6/23/22 3:47 PM
Other Offense Greenfield Rd at Acacia St 6/23/22 12:15 PM
Other Offense Eureka St at E Lantz St 6/23/22 9:12 AM
Weapon Violation Evergreen Rd at Kendall St 6/23/22 7:08 AM
Other Offense Eureka St at E Lantz St 6/23/22 5:57 AM
Weapon Violation Waveney St at Courville St 6/23/22 5:50 AM
Intimidation & Threats 8 Mile Rd at Dresden St 6/23/22 5:30 AM
Other Offense Asbury Park at Cambridge Ave 6/23/22 5:30 AM
Other Offense Plymouth Rd at Saint Marys St 6/23/22 5:25 AM
Other Offense Harper Ave at Guilford St 6/23/22 5:18 AM
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