Daily Crime Reports Detroit, MI

30 Jan 2023 Mon, 30 Jan 2023 Mon, 30 Jan 2023 Monday, 30 January 2023

Daily crime report reports for Detroit, MI. There were a total of 74 reports to the Detroit Police Department.


Crime Address Date and Time
Assault La Salle Blvd at W Davison St 1/30/23 9:23 PM
Assault Santa Rosa Dr at Puritan St 1/30/23 8:45 PM
Robbery Fenkell St at Schaefer Hwy 1/30/23 8:27 PM
Assault Puritan St at Dexter Ave 1/30/23 4:59 PM
Assault Mack Ave at Harding St 1/30/23 4:27 PM
Aggravated Assault E Lantz St at Buffalo St 1/30/23 4:12 PM
Assault Wildemere St at Richton St 1/30/23 3:50 PM
Aggravated Assault Frankfort St at Devonshire Rd 1/30/23 2:38 PM
Assault Terrell St at E 7 Mile Rd 1/30/23 2:02 PM
Aggravated Assault Sawyer St at Westwood 1/30/23 1:30 PM
Robbery Pershing St at Central St 1/30/23 1:15 PM
Aggravated Assault Pilgrim St at Cheyenne St 1/30/23 12:54 PM
Aggravated Assault Amrad St at Mound Rd 1/30/23 11:50 AM
Assault Coplin St at E Warren Ave 1/30/23 10:49 AM
Kidnapping and Abduction Longview St at Roseberry St 1/30/23 8:30 AM
Aggravated Assault Fielding St at W Chicago St 1/30/23 7:12 AM
Assault Moross Rd at Chandler Park Dr 1/30/23 6:50 AM
Assault Bagley St at 3rd St 1/30/23 6:31 AM
Aggravated Assault Lyndon St at Hubbell St 1/30/23 6:19 AM
Aggravated Assault Fleming St at 8 Mile Rd 1/30/23 6:16 AM
Assault Midland St at Fairfield St 1/30/23 6:15 AM
Assault W 7 Mile Rd at Vaughan St 1/30/23 5:15 AM
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Crime Address Date and Time
Motor Vehicle Theft Pilgrim St at Northlawn St 1/30/23 10:37 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Pilgrim St at Woodingham Dr 1/30/23 9:49 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Seymour St at Brock St 1/30/23 8:20 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Firwood St at Allendale St 1/30/23 7:11 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Woodhall St at Munich St 1/30/23 7:00 PM
Larceny Lakeview St at E Canfield St 1/30/23 5:52 PM
Fraud Indiandale St at W Davison St 1/30/23 5:40 PM
Burglary/B&E Carter St at Wildemere St 1/30/23 4:44 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Greydale Ave at Clarita St 1/30/23 4:30 PM
Fraud Wesson St at Michigan Ave 1/30/23 4:25 PM
Vandalism Emerald Springs Cir at Sparling Ave 1/30/23 4:02 PM
Vandalism Tacoma St at Hoyt St 1/30/23 3:41 PM
Burglary/B&E E State Fair St at Rex St 1/30/23 3:30 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Plainview Ave at Paul Dr 1/30/23 3:30 PM
Burglary/B&E W Chicago St at Littlefield St 1/30/23 2:28 PM
Vandalism Marbud St at Eastburn St 1/30/23 2:12 PM
Burglary/B&E Intervale St at Mark Twain St 1/30/23 12:46 PM
Motor Vehicle Theft Dayton St at Plainview Ave 1/30/23 12:45 PM
Burglary/B&E Meyers Rd at W Buena Vista St 1/30/23 12:14 PM
Burglary/B&E Biltmore St at Pembroke Ave 1/30/23 11:30 AM
Vandalism Emery St at Keating St 1/30/23 11:24 AM
Vandalism Macomb St at Chene St 1/30/23 11:00 AM
Arson Cruse St at Fenkell St 1/30/23 10:55 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft E Nevada St at Fenelon St 1/30/23 9:57 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft Auburn St at Capitol St 1/30/23 9:40 AM
Burglary/B&E Faircrest St at Chalmers St 1/30/23 9:03 AM
Burglary/B&E Lincoln St at Holden St 1/30/23 8:00 AM
Vandalism Chapel St at Puritan St 1/30/23 8:00 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft Mackenzie St at Terry St 1/30/23 7:59 AM
Autobreaking Park Ave at N I 75 Service Drive 1/30/23 5:50 AM
Vandalism Rosa Parks Blvd at Pine St 1/30/23 5:38 AM
Autobreaking Adelaide St at John R St 1/30/23 5:27 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft E Lafayette Ave at S I 375 Service Drive 1/30/23 5:21 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft Cambridge Ave at Monte Vista St 1/30/23 5:15 AM
Motor Vehicle Theft E Adams Ave at Woodward Ave 1/30/23 5:00 AM
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Crime Address Date and Time
Intimidation & Threats Appoline St at Gavel St 1/30/23 10:18 PM
Other Offense Schoolcraft St at Piedmont St 1/30/23 10:13 PM
Other Offense Martin Luther King Jr Blvd at 2nd Ave 1/30/23 9:38 PM
Other Offense Puritan St at Roselawn St 1/30/23 9:00 PM
Weapon Violation Troester St at Celestine St 1/30/23 5:14 PM
Weapon Violation Greenview Ave at Whitlock St 1/30/23 3:46 PM
Other Offense Fenkell St at Prest St 1/30/23 3:10 PM
Other Offense Roselawn St at W McNichols Rd 1/30/23 12:30 PM
Weapon Violation Goddard St at E Robinwood St 1/30/23 11:04 AM
Trespassing Bentler St at Pilgrim St 1/30/23 7:20 AM
Weapon Violation W McNichols Rd at Rutherford St 1/30/23 6:46 AM
Trespassing E Outer Dr at Rogge St 1/30/23 5:44 AM
Missing Person E Vernor Hwy at Lenox St 1/30/23 5:30 AM
Weapon Violation Glenfield Ave at Queen St 1/30/23 5:20 AM
Weapon Violation W 7 Mile Rd at Pierson St 1/30/23 5:17 AM
Missing Person E Remington Ave at Hanna St 1/30/23 5:15 AM
Intimidation & Threats Mackenzie St at Schaefer Hwy 1/30/23 5:14 AM
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